These classes focus specifically on using technology in education and in general.

The goal of this course is to be able to teach and learn about networking. Labs will be using Vyatta as the primary distribution.

The goal of this course is to look at both Programming and Electronics in the physical realm with the use of the Arduino and the Processing language.

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer or electrician, I am an educator who likes to learn and doesn't mind getting shocked once in a while. When working with electricity be careful as it can hurt you and the stuff you work with. I

An introduction to learning Linux. We will be using Ubuntu for this course, since it is a user friendly distribution and most of the time just works.

This six-hour online workshop will introduce
teachers to the basic functions of the Moodle online learning
environment. Participants will learn how to configure a Moodle course,
edit text and images, link to web resources, add downloadable files,
and work with unique Moodle blocks and tools like the course calendar,
assignments, discussion forums, et cetera. This workshop will take
place over a six-week period with approximately one hour of work per
week. Participants will need to have reliable Internet access and a
current web browser to complete the necessary course work.

Within this 8-hour (PD credit) 5-week course, participants will develop knowledge on how to integrate digital imagery in order to use these technologies within the classroom to enhance and broaden instruction.All of the technologies discussed in this workshop manipulate images in one way or another, allowing for creativity of the teacher and student in order to expand comprehension and integrate into curriculum.This will allow participants to experience the technology in order to model the process and capabilities for students.