These courses are focused on how a teacher might develop a class.
The goal of this course is to begin to help educators learn ways to engage their students in the creative process using power computing tools. There are many opportunities to engage students in learning to think and problem solve in a fun and creative ways with technology. We want to take the opportunity for educators to see the theory that supports creative play as a strategy for learning about problem solving and thinking in general.

The course will include readings that look and learning and how technology can help students engage in different activities that allow them to construct and deconstruct the process of their learning as they create. Participants will have similar opportunities to create and deconstruct their own learning, as we focus on creative expression of ideas and concepts.
This Social Course allows you to think on the question posed in the title. This is a safe place and there should be a level of respect as we are all professionals in this area.
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Throughout this 4 week (8 PD hours) course you will be able to assist students in utilizing visual graphic organizers to gather thoughts, share ideas, make connections, and offer information in order to deepen comprehension.Mind mapping and graphic organizers illustrate the train of student thinking by allowing for multiple thoughts to be linked in various ways.